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Updated Post - December, 2011. ^_^


Update: As of right now, I will no longer be posting my fic here. All fic will be posted at celestine_fics on Dreamwidth, where you can comment using OpenID, and at my account on AO3. All fics that are already here will remain here, but are also at celestine_fics, and I strongly prefer comments to be made over there and not here on LJ.

That goes for all comments; my main journal on DW is celestineangel, I crosspost everything from there to LJ, but I strongly prefer comments to be made on my DW account. I hope to eventually get rid of this LJ altogether.

End Update.

I'm a writer and fangirl, but this journal is also about my life. My most beloved fandoms: Inception, Harry Potter and Doctor Who. I used to actively write for some anime/manga fandoms, mostly Sailormoon, Inuyasha and Gundam Wing. Those fics may be found here.

Mostly, this post is a place to gather all my fanfiction together in one easy to find spot. So. What follows are links to all the fanfiction I've written and posted on this journal; for Inception and Harry Potter there are index posts, because having all those fics listed here made this post longer than it already is. XD In the future, if I write enough fic in any one fandom, I'll separate it into it's own index page.

All fics on this page or on an index page are listed in order from most recent to oldest. Please read all the header information, which includes rating, word count, and warnings.


--Inception Fic Index Post

Harry Potter:

--Harry Potter Fic Index Post

Doctor Who:

--A Life of Missing Things
--She Came Back


--10 Things Peter Hates About Elle

Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar series:

--Part of Us

I'm working on more!

So, there. Again, welcome!
Harry Potter - The Dark Mark

[Fandom/Writing] 2012 Fanfiction Year in Review/The Future of My Writing/My DW

Well, 2012 was not a productive year for me (I think I was still a little broken from "These Walls Stand Silent"). I did more than I thought I could, but didn't do as much as I might have wanted. Still, fic is fic, and if they didn't come out to my usual standards, they're not so terrible I won't claim them. :)

So, here we go:

March, 2012

Both of these fics were written for the Aurors Fest, which was my first ever AO3-hosted fest. Neither is up to the quality of what I thought I would do for this fest. I'm just happy I managed to write them at all.

At the End of the Day/On AO3. -- Teddy Lupin is an Auror, and has to make the difficult choices Aurors make.
A Day in the OEMU/At AO3. -- Just a normal day in the Office of Ethical Magic Use.

July, 2012

Somehow, I wrote two fics for nextgendarkfest. I was silly enough to offer to pinch-hit. It turned out all right.

Mnemosyne in Chains. -- Teddy Lupin loves to babysit. (I think I'm a little fascinated with the potential for Teddy Lupin.)
When Spirit Speaks. -- Shouldn't a son be able to prove himself to his father?

October, 2012

Okay, well, this one I'm having to link directly to the post at hp_darkfest because I apparently never put it up anywhere else. I will, now that I know I didn't. But I think this is around the time I gave up on the rest of that year and anything in this year.

Wolf at the Door. -- The wolf at the door wears a familiar face. (This one actually began life as I non-fest fic, but I knew it would be perfect for the hp_darkfest, so I used that deadline as an excuse to finish it.)


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In conclusion: Good-bye, LJ people. You know where to find me if you really want to, it's linked at the bottom of this post.

Good-bye, fandom, for a little while anyway. I love you, in all your varied splendor and nuttiness, and I hope to return some day.

Hello, potential writing cheerleaders! I hope to have a long and fruitful relationship with all of you!

This post went way off the original intent very quickly.

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[Fandom] UGH.

So, I received a review on aka the Pit, complaining about a detail of the story that, admittedly, I would probably not write today. But I wrote the thing more than ten years ago now, when I was young and stupid and ignorant of a lot of things I'm aware of now.

So I went to try to respond to them, and of course they're not logged in, so it doesn't give me the option.

And then I saw the review before it, praising me for a sentence of the fic that, reading it now, makes me want to delete the fic and forget it ever happened. Not because it's badly written, but because it absolutely shows how ignorant I was about gender and gender roles. What's worse to me is that the person praised this for being sweet, when now I look at it and know it isn't. And while some excuse can be made for the character from whose POV it was written, I can't use that in the end because at the time I intended it to be sweet.

Uuuugh. I just want to fix all my old bad!fic.

(If I were to finish AQD, and then rewrite it as I once planned, one of the things I would fix would be my portrayal of the character of Hepzibah. If you've read it, then you know what I'm talking about. UGH.)

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YES IT'S TRUE. I AM MAKING A POST. IT IS A RANDOM POST OF THINGS. Since I have been so long away from DW/LJ.

1) So, a good bit of that away time was spent in playing Dragon Age: Origins and many of the DLCs, and then Dragon Age 2. I had friends of Facebook eagerly awaiting the time when I came to the end of DA2, and what my reaction would be. I dare say I did not disappoint. Considering that IRL I sat at my computer making agony faces and screaming at the screen.

2) I have also been quite lazy and just in a state of not wanting to do a damn thing that requires actual effort. Which includes posting.

3) I read a lot. Recently reread the first Kushiel's Legacy trilogy in preparation for a discussion of it with a friend who is reading it for the first time. :D Yay!

4) I dropped from the nextgenbigbang because MOTIVATION. I DON'T HAVE IT. In fact, I think I am mostly not going to write much fanfiction for a while, and if I do, I probably won't do it for fests and won't tell anyone I've written it until it's done. (Which is a good thing considering I have developed a burning passion for Enjolras/Grantaire.)

5) LES MISERABLES. I've loved this musical for years, despite having never seen it performed. The movie, despite having some editing weirdness and a surfeit of closeups, is fabulous and please someone just ship all the Oscars to Anne Hathaway's house right now everyone else go home. I've seen it twice, and I want to see it again, and I can't wait for it on DVD. Oh, and also, I bought the 25th anniversary concert on DVD, and watched it on the big screen TV in the living room and IT IS AMAZING. Best Javert.

6) I have also developed a burning passion for Grumpy Cat, and all the GC memes, but none could be better than Grumpy Cat together with Les Miserables! LE MISERABLE. YES. THIS. IT MADE ME SO HAPPY INSIDE.

7) I want to write but I am lazy. D:

8) How is everyone else?

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[Movies] LOL.

Okay, so, I saw the trailer for Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, and that's not even what I'm talking about here, not really.

Because there was a part of me that couldn't help but think...

"I've met those eyebrows somewhere before...."

Oh, right. Well, she did an awesome job in that movie (which is a really weird but not so bad mostly because it's just cracky fun movie), so yay.

(Except I didn't plan on watching those movies--Mortal Instruments, I mean--because I know who wrote the books, and her history in the HP and LotR fandoms, and I really just had no interest in yet another "sooper speshul snowflake magical girl saves the world while trying to decide which boy she likes" teeny bopper urban fantasy. But... the preview makes the movie look kind of awesome? CONFLICTED.)

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[Games] Uh... hi.

So. Yeah. I'm not dead, I promise. I mean, not for real, though I die about a billion times in the game. Which is the fun sort of dying! I guess? It must be, because I keep doing it.

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That's why I've been incommunicado for a while. XD I AM A GAMER NOW, Y'ALL.

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